Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church Topeka, Kansas

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Benevolence Ministry serves the congregation and community by providing consistent guidance and resources based on Biblical principles for helping those members in need.

Bereavement Ministry ensures that no member grieves alone by providing comfort and encouragement as the bereaved journeys from mourning to joy.

Christian Education Ministry readies students ages three and up who “hunger and thirst after righteousness” (Matthew 5:6) by teaching students to be ‘doers of the word’ (James 1:22) through Bible study.

Deaconess Ministry supports the pastor and deacons in their ministries standing in the void to offer support where necessary and leading by example.

Deacons Ministry assists the pastor in manifesting his mission and vision, looking after the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation and showcasing leadership by example freeing the pastor to focus on the prayer and ministry of the Word thus supporting the spread of the Gospel and upholding unity within the church.

Evangelism Ministry carries out the Great Commission. This team makes sure that, at every opportunity, we are telling someone about God’s saving grace.

Finance Ministry ensures that the church is being good stewards over the money to which we have been entrusted by God and to keep the congregation informed of its financial standing.

Greeters Ministry ensures every congregant enters God’s house with a kind word. Visitors and new members can look to these ladies for direction.

Health Workers Ministry encourages the congregation treat their bodies as the temple of the Holy Ghost (I Cor. 6:19) and to therefore take personal responsibility to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Jail Ministry seeks those who are incarcerated and desire a relationship with Christ. Jail Ministry ensures that persons who leave incarceration have a place of worship and that we are ready to receive them and ready to aid them in changing their life trajectory.

Marriage Ministry helps couples to realize God’s plan for each person as individuals and as a married couple by understanding the covenant of marriage and each individual’s roles within that covenant.

Mount Carmel Athletic League (MCAL) does not consist of athletes who go to church but rather Christians who play sports. MCAL uses athletics to teach biblical principles and life lessons.

Media Ministry carries out the mandate to ‘go ye therefore’ by ministering to a visually-driven world.

Missionary Ministry continuously seeks to save the lost by spreading the Gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Many listed ministries fall under Missionary Ministry.

Trustee Ministry serves in unity through the power of the Holy Spirit. Trustees embrace the vision of the Pastor and support the work of the church for the upkeep of God’s kingdom. Trustees serve as stewards over the official business of the church.

Young Adult Ministry seeks to connect the disconnected to an accepting community of young adult believers who seek God first and allow themselves to be used for his glory.

Youth and Sunbeams Ministries provide a safe environment for students ages four to 12 empowering students to seek God first through meaningful study of God’s word and to spread God’s message of love through fun and effective participation in God’s church and in our community.

Music Ministry sets the atmosphere through praise and worship readying the people of God to hear the man of God preach the Word of God.

Ushers  are the doorkeepers of the house of God.  They accommodate ever congregant who enters the sanctuary by showcasing God’s love through service. Ushers ensure that each participant in the worship experience has what they need to fully worship God.

Watchmen  secure the house of God. They ensure that worshippers feel free to worship.