Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church Topeka, Kansas


Music Ministry

✝ Media – Records worship and special services on CD’s and DVD’s. Maintains videos of all services and events, in order to make available for members or guests upon request.

✝ Music – Comprised of three choirs that make a vital contribution to all worship services. Supports the Pastor in ministering to other churches.

 Christian Education

✝ Baptist Training Union (BTU) – Designed to minister, instruct and enrich the knowledge of church members, of all ages, in the Baptist Beliefs, Baptist Doctrine, church membership, discipleship, and church policy and procedures.

✝ Children & Youth (PreK-12th Grade) – Weekly age-appropriate group classes to increase their knowledge about Jesus Christ. They are informed about salvation and provided skills to develop their Christian life in order to serve others.

✝ Education & Missionary Josephine Minter Scholarship – A mission ministry by which the church offers monetary assistance to students who want to attend college, a university or vocational-technical school of their choice.

✝ New Members’ Orientation Class – Designed to orient new members to the church body of Jesus Christ. They are instructed on the Baptist Doctrine and Beliefs, church services, and Sunday School.  They are informed of their privileges and church opportunities, along with their obligations as a church member. These classes are taught every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

✝ Sunday School – Classes are available for all age groups. They are taught by teachers who are prayed up, studied up, and ready to teach at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday morning.

✝ Vacation Bible School (VBS) – VBS provides everyone an opportunity to fellowship and learn together through age appropriate topics. It is held four (4) nights and usually ends with a church carnival.

 Outreach Ministries

✝ Benevolence – A ministry offering good will to members and guests, provided through kindness and charitable giving to show God’s love of mankind and desire to help promote happiness and prosperity.

✝ Evangelism – A ministry committed to sharing what we know about Jesus Christ for the sole purpose of leading people into a personal relationship with God. Jesus gives a command to His disciples that carry down to our generation – “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

✝ Mission – A ministry to demonstrate God’s love in action through various acts of service. Visits nursing homes, the sick and shut in, and bereaved families. Donates care packages to nursing home residents, support members financially who are or have experienced cancer and donates to special causes. Supports foreign and local missions.

 Service Ministries

✝ Church Picnic Committee – Organizes and plans the Annual Church Picnic and Back-to-School Picnic.

✝ Culinary/Hospitality – Buys food and prepares meals, as needed, in connection with meetings, funerals, special programs, and events.

✝ Finance and Building Fund – Works to the glory of God under the Holy Spirit. Assists the Pastor in administration of the Church budget and financial affairs.

✝ Health Workers – Staffed with qualified, licensed nurses and assistants who are on duty at each service to meet the congregation’s and guests’ needs.

✝ Publicity & Announcements – Designed to help promote upcoming events and engagements listed on the church calendar. Provides announcements in the church bulletin, electronic monitors, newspaper, and bulletin boards to help keep members informed.

✝ Transportation – Provides van transportation for members and non-members who would like to attend services and events held at the church.

✝ Trustee – Responsible for the up-keep of the property and space of the church building, including locking & unlocking the church. Oversees the work of all paid staff. Maintains an annual inventory of all church property.

✝ Usher – Consists of all age groups: Youth, Young Adults and Seniors as Ushers. They greet and make members and first-time visitors feel comfortable and provide a welcoming spirit.

✝ Watchmen – Designed to ensure the safety and protection of our congregation, grounds, property, and business affairs while attending church services.

 Spiritual Service Ministries

✝ Associate Ministers – Assists the Pastor in providing a comprehensive ministry.

✝ Deacons – Works with the Pastor and Associate Ministers to the glory of God under the Holy Spirit. Helps to maintain a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere within the membership and promotes the spiritual growth of the church.

✝ Deaconess – Serves church by assisting with Communion. Assists with youth, helps prepare female members for baptism, ministers to the sick, and comforts bereaved families. Visits nursing homes and provides fruit baskets to sick and shut-in members.

✝ Minister’s Wives – Assists the Deaconess to the glory of God under the Holy Spirit.